Good communication is a bridge between confusion and clarity---Nat Turner

Ava's Arch

Creating a safe place for kids who have special needs siblings to meet, talk, and communicate.  Helping others find their voice and not feel lonely.
Working together through community programs to give back and build confidence.

"I have a sibling with special needs. My mission is to help others, like me, to feel comfortable in their own skin, to understand that normal is not always normal, and that this is o.k. Even if you do not have a special needs sibling but need a safe place to land, I am here to help because communicating is a good way to bridge understanding and self awareness. Life is hard but no one has to feel alone."

Giving back to your community, helping others, building understanding of others struggles is a good way to help yourself and others. If you are interested in finding ways to help out in your community, how you can make a difference and feel good then lets work together.  Check out my blog and if you have topics that you would like to see discussed please reach out!

About me

I am Ava. I enjoy working in the community to help others in need. Ava's Arch started as a page to open the conversation about being in a special needs family and the challenges that come with the dynamics. So much more has evolved. Giving back is a great way to remind yourself and others that no one is alone.  Getting out and helping provides the bigger scope of what is outside of our inner circle. I continue to learn that no one can take on everything alone, and asking for help is a good thing.  It can be challenging being in the midst of a special needs family, but we can share the responsibility through understanding.  Through various projects Ava's Arch volunteers to help kids and families who need support. The power of one offering, one voice, one gesture towards another creates a knock on effect to make one voice become many. This is not just about me, it is about all of us. 

How to Help

 If you have extra food and your family can offer some canned goods to food banks, many are in need, and have curb drop off options. Send an email to an older friend or loved one to remind them you are thinking of them, or help them schedule their vaccine appointment.  Look for where your community needs help during this time, even if it is sharing cleaning supplies or paper items with people who cannot get to the grocery store. Being helpful really matters. Stay safe- Ava

For more information please contact me                 Ava@avasarch.com