Ava's Arch

Creating a safe place for kids who have special needs siblings to meet, talk, and communicate.  Helping others find their voice and not feel lonely.
Working together through community programs to give back and build confidence.

I have a sibling with special needs. My mission is to help others, like me,  to feel comfortable in their own skin, to understand that normal is not always normal, and that this is o.k. Even if you do not have a special needs sibling but need a safe place to land, I am here to help because communicating is a good way to bridge understanding and self awareness. Life is hard but no one has to feel alone. "

Giving back to your community, helping others, building understanding of others struggles is a good way to help yourself and others. If you are interested in finding ways to help out in your community, how you can make a difference and feel good then lets work together.  Check out my blog and if you have topics that you would like to see discussed please reach out ! Building bridges cannot be done alone.

                                           I am Ava

I know how hard it is to find people to talk to about "being the other sibling."  Just because we don't need lots of help it does not mean that we
should be hard on ourselves and take on everything alone. We matter, we are important, and we have the power to educate others on what it is like to have a family member that requires extra care. It can be hard, but we can share the responsibility and help others too. The power of one offering, one voice, one gesture towards another creates a knock on effect to make one voice become many. Kids helping kids is a fantastic thing. Please join me. 

For more information please contact me, Ava@avasarch.com

Upcoming events in our area: Thrive teens and Thrive teens are two facebook groups, that get kids together within the age groups. It helps kids who are struggling to make friends and feel included. Ask to join with facebook.
School Board in Moorestown is voting on a referendum on Dec 10, get your parents to listen to the adults talk about what changes could be happening if it passes, and what improvements kids may expect from the funding

SPEAC-Special Education Action Committee meets once a month in moorestown, their website has a lot of interesting information for families-Moorestown, NJ