Your body and the effects of natural highs

It is mental health month so I want talk about what how a natural high can help you get through the times when you may feel sad. Last week I talked about exercise and how even if you want to use some facilities to exercise it may not be possible, but that exercise can still take place without spending money. A natural high is something that raises things called endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are released through activities like exercise. It gives you a positive feeling, a happy feeling. This is good because it is in the body naturally that is why it is called a natural high. A drug high, on the other hand is caused by taking medicine or illegal substances that trick the brain into feeling happy, but this is a false high. You can crash from the bad medication or drugs and feel even worse about yourself. If you need to take more and more stuff that is not naturally happening in your brain you can do a lot of harm. You can become stuck depending on something that is not natural and then it controls you. This is not good, but exercise does not have to be the only thing that gives you a natural high, it is just a suggestion.

For example, I exercise with my mom because I feel good about doing it. I do not necessarily like all the exercises, but I like that I feel good after I do them. It makes me feel happy, it helps me to take care of my body. You may like to dance, or skate or play a sport. All of these activities release endorphins and give a boost to make good choices. If you are making choices that you are happy with, then you are in control of your decisions. You continue to try to make good choices because the positive effects help you overcome any negative feelings. Maybe you do not like the way you look in a swimsuit, or the cute boy likes your friend or worse you have a pimple. Endorphins will help these current situations not to be so overwhelming. Take time for yourself, to make yourself a priority, do what you enjoy to help the current situation where you may feel sad be just a short term problem in your mind and not a full blown drama. So get outside and find out what gives you a natural high, keep track of how you feel when you do activities that make you happy and if these activities do in fact keep you feeling good when you decide to do them when you are not happy. I bet you will find that endorphins are there waiting to help and then everything will feel a bit lighter to deal with.

Enjoy your week- Ava