Why we help others

Hey, let’s face it life is a string of experiences that are categorized as known and unknown factors. How can we control what we do not know or make sense of what we do? We take the life lessons we have learned and break them down into steps to figure out future situations and their outcomes. Somethings we can control like how prepared we are for a test and some we cannot such as someone else’s thoughts. Experiences pave the path to resilience, and from here one can start to understand that not everyone comes to the same conclusion based upon the information presented, they are led by their own path.

It is not correct to judge those who cannot conclude as you would, but when the circumstances show need for intervention, support, and guidance, it is good to step in and provide what is needed. Providing a platform to help others gives both you and the receiving party a positive connection to rebalance and move forward. Another positive outcome is the release serotonin, a key hormone that helps with mood and wellbeing in the body. Everyone can use a natural boost; everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. Therefore, we help others because sometimes other people need a reason to feel good and in return at some point you may need the same for you.  Helping is a natural response to being part of humanity. If we are ever to be part of change in our world, in society, and in our community then therefore we help others. What will you do to make a difference?