Week four leading very usual Holidays......

Week four what is in store?

Hi guys, how is everyone doing? Still good here. Staying home and catching up on Netflix…..and a bit of homework. While it can be hard to say home, I do hope those who can will do so. 

Spring break is not going to be the same as other years. While not all of us get to go away or take elaborate trips, it is also the idea that we cannot celebrate with people who share our religion in our place of worship, or even have group dinners over this break. It all feels, well flat. Still, if people can survive this virus by staying home then we are making a difference.

So what can we do to make a to make memories under these conditions? This is a hard question when some people have lost their jobs and are worried about food. Some people are working to help those who are sick while the rest of us stay home. If you are ok and able to see positive then maybe an Easter egg hunt in your house or in your yard with those whom you are quarantined with. If you can cook and help prepare a meal together you are making memories. If you are able to volunteer or donate money to food banks in your neighborhood or to write a card to those in nursing homes then that is making a difference. See making memories or making a difference comes from inside. It is not always about money or what you are missing, it is about what you find whether you are looking around and noticing how different things have become or by learning what you can do to make a positive memory out of a very unreal and strange situation.

I hope you are all safe, strong and healthy. Happy Passover or Easter or whatever you choose to celebrate this week. It is up to you to find celebration in the unknown. I know you can do it!


Happy Weekend- Ava