Wearing a Mask

The new saying around the Web is “Mask it or Casket it.” It is a very harsh saying but I hope that it does help to get people’s attention. Covid cases are really high right now and this means that we cannot take a vacation because inside space is more dangerous that outside space. If a kid has to give up fun things because of a virus and the adults are not helping put out the virus then what example is being set?

Today a boy died from Covid. Kids are getting this sickness. Many little kids cannot wear masks properly and those who have disabilities or special needs are really trying but in some cases are not able to wear masks, so the rest of us should wear them to help those who cannot. We cannot all be stuck in our houses all the time anymore, but we are losing fun activities because of the fights over mask wearing and being smart around people. Social distancing, if we can at least try to do this AND to cover up we can be helpers by protecting those who cannot help themselves. So, if the phrase mask it or casket is offensive to you than please think really hard because we cannot even have an argument about whether this fair or not if you are dead.

Please be safe and please have fun responsibility, we kids need adults to lead by example


Happy weekend- Ava