We need understanding and action during uncertainty

A lot seems to happen in a week, in a day, or in a minute. What happened this week? Well America in particular is in crisis. So much hurt and anger. Is it from the death of the guy in police custody, George Floyd or is it more? The news seems to be covering all angles but then protestors attack journalist and places that report the news, like the CNN Center in Atlanta. We cannot take back bad actions, so why are so many destroying the nice places, cars, coffee houses, for example. People all like to go to places so destroying them does not make sense. This is about frustration and Covid-19 lockdown. This is about things in History that I am just learning about in school. It is a lot for a kid. It must be a lot for those who continue to live it.

In comparison with daily life, I am still on stay at home hours anyway. I can see neighbors and see my brother’s therapist through social distance. My brother is frustrated about staying home and he is a teen. He needs to avoid getting Covid because of medical conditions, but none of us should end up infected, so far for us so good. It would affect my family, I am sure it would affect your family if you got it. My brother needs to practice socializing. This is something that can’t really be done well on Zoom or Google hangout if you already struggle with it in person. It is not as good.

So, we need to be smart about how to demonstrate or have options and keep those vulnerable safe. Being angry takes away from making smart decisions. These decisions effect a lot of people. I do want to wake up everyday to stories about how angry people are fighting something that looks like riots and destruction. I want us to see how we can make the world better for people to not get sick and to not die when arrested by police or by a virus. These are big topics and not really Ava’s Arch stuff, but here we all are in a time that is now going to be part of the history I am learning about. I do not like this lesson. So far there is no happy ending, resolution or outcome that gives us sort of normalcy to see out 2020. 

Have a safe week----Ava