Try Something New

Try something new


Summer is a good time to try new things. Maybe it is a new food, or a new hobby, or perhaps you travel and went somewhere different?

I experienced Paris for the first time. The city with tons of croissants and amazing shopping and culture. It was perfect. This was all new to me, not traveling, just France and a new language.

My brother has been before, but he was small. Since then he has developed a fear of elevators. Yes, it is a strange fear since he used to ride them all the time before, but his fears come and go. You can imagine the preparation to get him up the Eiffel Tower. It was intense. At the hotel my brother could walk the stairs to his room, but no one is allowed to walk to the top of the Eiffel Tower as a tourist.  Who would really want to be that tired?

We made a pact to try something new. I walked out of this suspended glass platform in a local shopping mall. When you are out at the end the whole thing wobbles as you are looking down through 7 stories. This was uneasy for me, but not for my brother who took great pleasure is jumping up and down and making it move more. He did not care that I was less enthusiastic about his movements. I was glad to be on solid ground shortly after. The views of the architecture and the little people all the way down were really cool though. I would have missed it if I had not tried.

Well he did get into the Eiffel Tower and he did make it to the top. The views are incredible, the weather was perfect and we all have a nice time. If you let your fears control what you want to try to do because you do not know what to expect you can miss out on a lot. My brother is now over his short term fear of elevators, or lifts as they say in Europe. He will move onto something new, but so will all of us. Things we have yet to experience can be scary but not impossible. Have faith that you can and you will!


Have a great weekend---- Ava