Trust and safety to bring back a sense of normal during covid.

Hi everyone,

This week I want to talk about trust. Trust means different things to different people but it also collectively means not being let down because you have confidence. Last weekend, in the middle of this Covid crisis, we had a family wedding. This had been postponed a few times since March but life cannot stay on hold forever even though people attending were just immediate family to stay within the guidelines. So how did we trust that we would be safe, or that at least everyone was taking the proper measures? Well we all stayed home for 2 weeks leading up the wedding, we wore masks, and got covid testing. The wedding was small and outside but that does not mean that you are safe. So everyone did their part to keep each other safe. It just about felt normal. Everyone was happy to celebrate and people were respectful of one another in keeping distance and working with different comfort levels. It is very hard to balance this when you do not know everyone before you attend a wedding but it was a beautiful event not just for the weather, the bride and groom finally getting married, but for the fact that we all took our part seriously to keep each other safe.

Masks come in many colors and fabrics and styles now. Choosing a mask for a wedding is like adding an accessory to any outfit. There is one that will compliment your look. Wear it stylishly because it is good to help others by protecting yourself, and them, with this simple addition to your wardrobe.

As for the after events, we are back to staying home and doing what we can from home.  Staying home for a bit is also doing our part after our return. It is a kind and thoughtful thing to do for your neighbor, your community, and your family and friends.

Normal will not go back to the way it was. This virus is not going away anytime soon. People need to live their lives. We can all get most of our lives back slowly by being cautious and from what I witnessed last week, when everyone is doing their part the businesses can operate, vendors can work, restaurants can serve meals, resorts can take measures to welcome larger groups with cleaning measures. The bottom line is that simple things like not hugging or making close contact, lots of washing hands, and wearing a mask make this possible. I trust that everyone wants to do their part safely as well.  I want to see what possibilities are in our future when everyone starts to think about others to help minimize this virus spread, and get normal back to normal.

Have a great weekend-