Together We Rise

For the past month I have been raising money for the organization Together We Rise. I have surpassed my original goal, but am still fundraising. It is important to me that other kids have help making the transition into Foster Care services. Sometimes they are happy and sometimes they are scared, but in the beginning it can all be confusing. My purpose is to make sure they have a place to put their belongings and to know people are thinking about them with kindness.

Many people I do not know have donated to this cause. I am very grateful to everyone who has donated. They may not know me but they believe in these kids just like I do. People helping people and kids helping kids is a good way to make people happy. Every day something bad comes on the news, and every day a kid is left more confused about these events. It is even harder if you do not have people to talk to and ask questions about things. Feeling safe is very important.

So Together We Rise is a good motto. Together we can give kids a chance to feel safer, a little bit of love, and whole lot of support to help them overcome their challenges. We all have challenges. We do not always get enough help. So lets start together one duffle bag at a time. It is a little gesture. Little things can become big things. Once things are big enough they get addressed and then who knows what we can do.