The End of the School Year, What is Next?

Summer starts what to do? Have you realized that we are at the end of the school year and it seems to have arrived faster than anticipated because it was a long year. The days are longer, and all of the sudden pools are open and beaches are full again. So now it is time for school to end, to welcome long summer days and hopefully see some friends. We will say goodbye to online schooling and hello to more in person socializing. It has been a challenge for so many, and I am right there with you.

Like many families we did our best, would choose to do things differently if needed to again, survived, picked ourselves up and are looking forward to the “new normal.” We are here at the finish line, and at the starting line at the very same time. We say goodbye and good riddance to a challenging year; and we say hello for whatever is to come next. Life will go on, choices will be made, but for those of us who are here to see the other side I hope you celebrate the beginning of the unknown. We have the skills to tackle more of the unexpected, roll with the changes and cope a bit better. Congratulations to everyone on your next chapter.