Technology and mixed messages

Sometimes we are faced with challenges that make us question our resolve. This means that something is affecting you and how you handle it can have an impact on your social and emotional wellbeing. Beyond Covid-19 there is the daily drama of just growing up.

Often drama or discord occurs with the use of social media or text messages. We all make mistakes, mistype or worse send something to the wrong person. This is can led to all sorts of permanent threads of words meant or not meant that go off into cyber world. Most of the time this is harmless but once in a while someone's pride is hurt, and this is where the drama begins. So what do you do? Own it. Mistakes happen and things can be resolved through explaining and logical discussions. It is a slippery slope when devices are so relied upon that people stop communicating with people.

What if though, the situation was a conversation that was distorted and spread like wildfire rather than a phone? This is not as easy to squash because whisper down the lane gets blown out of proportion. People like to gossip and defend one side or the other in these situations. Words can hurt and people like to get involved. 

So to resolve an issue, the one who is at fault should figure out how to sort it with those who are on the receiving end, whether directed at them or a secret that was shared without permission. The flip side is that the receiving end will need to decide if the friendship is worth holding on to and if trust can be established again. The bottom line is that a relationship that is worth building needs a strong foundation. If either side is unwilling to get together to resolve it, then the relationship will not be repaired, the foundation will crumble. This will change the dynamics moving forward.

So what does this have to do with resolve of a person rather than a situation? Well, there is a third option. Remove yourself from the narrative. By this you step back from the drama of a situation and you continue to move forward. Is this easy? No. Is it practical. Yes. No one wants to be someone else’s scapegoat, emotional punching bag, or decoy so do not allow it to happen if you are brought into a situation. If you are not on the receiving end of the issue nor did you cause the issue this is your time to step away. Remove yourself and guess what happens? Others with the cloud of problems will either deal with them or they will pretend it never happened.  

The same type of resolve can be used when you are faced with a choice in life in general. You must ask yourself, “Can I make a choice even if it is uncomfortable at first but is for the better of my over all health in the long or short term?” I hope you find the courage to say yes. We are all faced with situations that affect us. As we grow in age, we should also grow in maturity.  Growth is not the same for everyone, but it is using the tools that you have in your skill box to build the best scenario for you. Some people are meant to be influences on your journey that filter out at points along the road, others will drift in and out, and finally a rare few will stick by you in thick and thin. These are the ones who can see beyond the drama, understand the conflicts, and can make healthy decisions. Technology can make it easier to communicate but texting, social media, and the like are only quick hits of information that may not always be what they seem. Keep moving forward.

Have a drama free week.- Ava