Getting back on course. This is what the media and people keep saying, and after the year and a half of Covid, finding a steady course is not easy. In sailing the term tacking means to change direction by turning a boat’s head into and through the wind. It is not as easy as a definition. It takes skill, patience, and lots of practice so that you do not end up in irons and the boat stalls. This is a good way to describe the re-entry from Covid lockdown to our new normal. We need to tack carefully, making sure that you and your crew are moving in a way that will allow a change in direction without stalling in the process. If you think of a clock, the front of the boat cannot head straight at 12 into the wind, it has to move left and right to catch the wind. If it does not, this causes delays and frustration when the movements do not line up and you are not moving ahead. Some places in America are feeling this with Covid changes, some have to go back to mask wearing even if they are vaccinated because progress stalled and we are back to higher numbers in some cases. This is the outcome of moving too fast and forgetting the skills of interacting with people carefully because we are out of patience. Tacking is a skill that we need in many parts of our life, and it is developed through situations that test us. School will test our patience, friends will test our relationships, and time will test our abilities to navigate these murky waters. Each situation needs deliberate actions to make small changes which make catching the wind at the correct angle possible. This is a definition that I think I will be using and visualizing a lot in the upcoming school year as we move ahead with deliberate actions in a patient way to avoid standing still and being left behind.


Have a great week--Ava