Summer's end

Good morning everyone,

It is hard to believe that August is coming to an end soon. This summer felt like a blink because not a lot changed in the time we finished our school year at home. I had a chance to speak to some other people about how their summers went, and it really does vary state to state or circumstance to circumstance. Some kids are involved in activities that kept them locked into “pods” so that each day the same kids were together, for them summer was set, easy, organized and fun. For others, the uncertainty for the parents and the program options that may be in person caused tension, fear, and apprehension to allow kids to mix. The states that can contact trace well made these people feel better about letting their kids participate in activities or even going out. The states who are not doing a good job are really dragging down the abilities of the people to feel safe going out. I did find that those people who got to see water, like a lake or ocean felt calmer after they returned. I think water helps to remind us that something bigger than us is out there to be explored and appreciated. It also gives hope.

So with hope some are starting a new school year and others will begin soon. With hope whatever choice you make to attend in person or to stay at home will be the right choice for you. Hope is what we have for now. It is not a cure, and it is not science. Hope is a four-letter word that means we can do what we are doing and in the meantime know that this is not forever, it is just an extended version of the word NOW.


Happy Week!