Stomach aches and kids, stress and anxiety

Do you ever have on going stomach aches? Does your stomach ache get worse even before an important event or going to school? Maybe even Sunday night knowing tomorrow is a school day? I hear a lot of people talking about stomach aches. I have asked some professionals what they think.  If your stomach ache is not to the point where you are doubled over or have a fever or keeps you from being able to get out of bed, which are things that need a Doctor's attention, then it could be stress and/or anxiety. This type of stomach ache hurts a lot but it caused by emotions not sickness.

Stress and anxiety come when your body and mind cannot find a way to express the nervousness you feel. It is a symptom. A lot of times these feelings pass, like preparing for a test or an important event. This type of anxiety is normal, it is the anticipation and energy that will come out with the event. But sometimes it is not good. When stomach aches continue, when going to school is hard, when you do not ever want to run into certain people or do not know how to handle certain situations, then a stomach ache is a good way of telling your body that you need to find some help.

Sometimes just being a kid in school can cause a stomach ache. There are people who do not like other people or go out of their way to make them feel bad. This is not ok it needs to be talked about with reasonable people. People who can help you grow your understanding of why other people are not always nice or why they act the way they do. Also, they can help you to understand how to remove yourself from these situations or to be better prepared for their negativity towards you.

It is hard. Kids have to go to school or must try to do their best or get nervous when they play sports or have to take tests. Unlike adults who can choose who they hang out with, kids are put together in situations where we are told to get along or work as a team or prepare together for a project. Sometimes kids don’t get along. This is o.k. but feeling sick or having a stomach ache will not solve the problem. Talk to your parents, if they are understanding listeners, and come up with ideas on how to manage your feelings. If you cannot talk to your parents find a trusted person, a friend, a neighbor, a teacher or counselor. Trust me on this, not everyone is going to get what or how you feel, but talking about it in a safe place will make you feel better and hopefully whatever advice you are given will help you to make good decisions.