Stepping Up

Stepping up.


I was not feeling great this past week. Not sick enough to stay home from school…until today, but not well enough to be 100%. I still had to do everything on my weekly list. I did not want to but my parents said that unless I was in bed with a fever and really ill, “I had to step up and do what was necessary.” I did. Today I had to stay home because I really was feeling bad and while I have no fever I am now on antibiotics for a sinus infection. What I did instead, because I really did need to stay home was to fill and load the duffle bags for Together We Rise, an organization that supports kids going into foster care. I had a fundraiser for my birthday and so many people stepped up to help me and believed in kids in need. That is really what stepping up is all about. You are either looking up or looking down and it can seem the same but it is about the direction you decide to go.  I saw a t-shirt on a guy that said, “I am not a step dad, I am the dad that stepped up.” Stepping up is about being responsible, showing you are reliable, and giving people a reason to believe in you. The t-shirt says that. Everybody has different problems or different ideas about things but when you show that you are reliable, that you care, or that you can help others that is when you have stepped up. So step up when you can, you will be surprised that you helped someone who may not even know you yet.


Have a great week