Sometimes you fail.........


Try something new that you are actually not good at doing. Just try it and have a good laugh. Last week my friend and I went ice skating, we are not good…..we are not terrible but we need a lot of practice. We laughed our way around the rink in circles, slipping, gliding, and falling over. It is important to laugh at yourself, to know that you may come in last, or just not succeed. Is it comfortable, no. Is it fun, well depending on what you are not good at then perhaps?

Not doing well in school is not fun, it is not even something to laugh about. If you tried your best and it still was not the grade you expected, then let it go and find something that makes you laugh. Trust me I get it, sometimes I try so hard that even if it is not what I expect the outcome to be I feel like I failed. The pressure to succeed is harsh and if you put pressure on yourself you will explode.

So just know whether you actually fail or you feel like your failed tomorrow will be a new day and you can make a whole bunch of brand new mistakes. Mistakes you have yet to know exist will be waiting around the corner, they will test you, test your resilience to thrive. Chin up, put your best foot forward step out into the sun and see what the day holds. Failure is a path to success; it is one of the ways that you can measure where you want to or need to get to in order to achieve your goals. So, in closing good luck with your next failure may it bring the success you are looking for!


Have a good week--- Ava