Social distancing and social life

How do we as kids figure out the balance between social distancing and a social life in the middle of a pandemic?

Last week it was announced that the President of the United States and many others contracted this disease because they were not social distancing and following science guidelines. So what are we to believe? Clearly adults do not have all the answers. So what are we to do?

School has so many options this year and it varies by location so if you are a choice remote kid can you hang out with a hybrid kid or a full in person schooled kids? Yes, this did just get complicated. I do not know what to tell you about this because it is confusing even for me. Having friends is important and if you have friends, they want to naturally interact with you, or you naturally seek out people to have a conversation with in order to make friends. The problem is the rules now keep changing. Can we stay over 6 feet apart and be safe? Can we wear masks outside and be safe? Can we really know where everyone that we interact with has been and if everyone is following the rules? Well no, not really. We have to trust, and it is complicated with schools because so many kids have interact even with different measures in place to try to keep everyone safe.

Trust is an important word. It means that you will believe that what someone is telling you is really the truth. Truth requires transparency, another word that means that you have to believe in what you are being told because they can back up what they say. This is hard when adults do not want to share the truth or do not want to be transparent because the adults make the rules for kids a lot of the time. We have to trust other kids are doing their part and not slipping because of familiarity. Then you have to trust the news, the neighbors, schools, families, etc. There is a lot of trust that has to happen to keep all of this working correctly. This is hard but hard conditions do have rewards.

Kids need to socialize. In this age of Covid, where the whole world is on its head, we have to trust and to believe that we can keep socializing. Yes, it might require masks and even gloves or hand sanitizer. It might mean washing your hands far more than you would like, but isn’t having friends worth it? If they are important, you are helping them stay safe and they are doing the same for you. Isn’t this just a normal part of friendship? If you respect each other, work on understanding each other and follow the same guidelines then socializing can be done in the middle of a pandemic. It is not ideal but it is worth the extra measures to show your friends or soon to be new friends out there that you care and want them to be apart of your life in any shape or form that we can do with Covid -19. It is the small wins during this pandemic that will be remembered more than what we cannot do. Choosing safety for reward over seclusion. It is not too hard to follow health guidelines because not doing so can lead to sadness and frustration. Not everyone is going to be able to tolerate a mask due to illness or disability but most are capable and on board to do so. We need to think of this as an adventure rather than a negative thing. We need to socialize and do so safely and with the right tool and right mindset to protect you and others, it can happen.

Have a great week!