Self care

There are times when you are helping others or doing things or just completing homework with no real breaks. During Covid it has been hard to just take a break and do what you would like to do to escape the routine. What do you do to cope?

I spend a lot of time on my phone outside of school hours. Electronics seem to be the “new friend” when you can’t get out and see people. Games that you can play virtually with your friends are also a way to stay connected. Lots of new technology options make it seem like you are seeing people in your life, while not actually seeing them. It is not perfect, but if it is safe and you know who you are talking with it is an option. Make sure always that you are making safe technology choices, which leads me to my next point.

My friend and I made a Roblox account and when we posted it, it got a lot of positive feedback. What we discovered is that the characters connected with people, and the result asked for us to “reveal” ourselves by the followers. We did. Then the responses from others was mixed. This was more about what they thought of themselves, not how they responded to us. The characters were just dancing and having fun, nothing more in-depth, but with a human attached the perception changed. This means that some commenting on us, did not feel good about themselves. This is not ok, it was not our intent. So we made another Roblox video and it is specifically telling everyone that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! There is never a reason to cut yourself down because you think that you are not on the same level as others, or you see someone who you feel that you do not compare to. This is not what social media should be about. I know it can be, I know that everyone finds something to dislike about themselves, but let’s try to be kind to ourselves. The message this week is: We are all Beautiful! We all need outlets for breaking from our Covid routines, but it should be positive things. Always put yourself first and do not let yourself get sucked into second guessing your own strengths. 

 By the way the You Are Beautiful video, got even more attention, and that is the message to remember!

Happy Valentine’s Day, you are appreciated,  and have a good week