Re-opening America

Well here we are looking to our leaders to open up America. I miss my friends, but I am so happy that I have not had the Virus. Things will get tricky now. People still do not believe that the Virus is real, but if it was not would our lives be so turned up side down? I do feel that we have to give up some things in order to help others. Sure, how can a kid say these things? Well, if the Virus gets you then you can never see your friends again if you are not here. The scary part for adults is the money uncertainty. The scary part for special needs parents can be when can their kids go back to school or to therapies to help them feel calmer.  It is really a hard time for so many families.

Some people have had to cancel events, like weddings. Others have their occasion on zoom, like a Bar Mitzvah. This way people can still celebrate but over the internet. Many kids are not getting their graduation ceremonies, or proms or senior trips. Lots of people are disappointed. It is creativity that can be helpful here. Remember that those who can help will, those who love will support and those who can do for others will surprise you. There are all sorts of memories to be made out of this unique situation and that goes for however you feel about whether your state should open or not.

As May is mental health month, we must remember to think of others. Those who cannot make safe choices for themselves either because they are sad or they are little or they have a disability or have a condition, may need more help from those around them. If they have to stay home longer it can affect them and they will need support. If they had to go out, it can affect them too because it can be scary to mix among people. The Virus is still around us, it may have slowed down with less people out and about, but that will change. At some point we all have to go out, and your State and America will re-open. It will be confusing to do things differently moving forward. It is in our best interest to make smart decisions. Money is important for businesses and families to survive, but just remember keeping yourself healthy will make it easier to go back to work and to spend time with family if done safely. Then the creative ways of social distancing for health and to also help your mental state and that of other people will be stronger. This has been hard for a lot of people. So, we look to those who have survived a lot of other bad stuff in History. Their stories can make our situation less serious and most certainly a bit more bearable. America will open, we will recover, we will have stories and memories, and I hope a bit more creativity to take with us and share with other who are struggling.


Have a Happy Week!--Ava