Putting your best foot forward

So school started. That happened. Did you get dressed up or did you go as you would for a usual day? The first day of school is about new impressions. Sometimes everything is new, sometimes it is a matter of just moving up a class with the same people. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong just put your best foot forward. This means make the best of the best you.

Kids are so anxiety strung with so many outside worries. Making friends is really important.

Last night I baked a cake. That was my stress relief. It calms me. A friend who was also stressed helped me make cake pops. They are delicious, they look interesting but are delicious. It is about activities and imagination to keep you going. If baking is not your thing than go outside and play tennis, bike, run, play burn off the energy and take your mind off of school if you are stressed. Putting your best foot forward can be dancing, reading, loving math and showing it in a positive way. At the end of the day, just be the best version of you. Meet some new people, even if it is hard, and breath. Don’t forget to breath!!!!!


Good luck-Ava