Positivity for you and self care during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today in my town there was an event to support people with Breast Cancer. I say people because not only do females contract this disease, but men can too. Usually the ribbons are pink, and that is fine pink is a lovely color. The event was held at a Salon and services were exchanged for a $20 contribution. It was worth it. The cause is great, the food amazing, the men who showed up with Pink beards were thoughtful and hilarious at the same time. We need humor to overcome pain. We need services to make us feel better. We need nourishment and positive vibes to keep going. At the end of the day Cancer or not, we need what is called “self care.” What do you do for yourself in order to keep going?

I was in need of a massage, but due to strict guidelines in the U.S it is harder to find therapists who will give kids massages. Unlike Europe where skin, as the largest organ of the body, is treated as a necessity to be cared for, America has other guidelines and usually they exclude kids from salon or therapeutic treatments due to age.  This is a shame. People need to destress however they can in order to have a positive mind and a positive outlook on life. This event allowed me the chance to get a massage and I also contributed to a great cause. 

How as a kid is this important? Well, if you are a robot kid who says yes to everything, studies hard and does your best to please everyone then you have not been a kid with choices and probably feel really stressed out! If you are a kid who is over committed to activities and you are not happy then you are probably stressed out too! Being in balance is the most important thing for a kid. Being healthy in your mind, being healthy with your choices, being healthy with whom you choose to hang are all important to making good decisions. This helps with mental health.

Helping others when they are struck by a disease helps them, but it can also help you either through a cause, like the one at the Salon, or through helping others because it is the right thing to do. Some circumstances cannot be avoided because things like cancer come. They destroy more than the people they attack but also the loves ones who are in the path. Depression or fear or insignificance can surface. You are not insignificant. You do not have to fight alone. Let others help you, let others share the burden, and let others take part in self-care partnerships to help. No one is perfect and no one expects you to be whether you are fighting cancer, a family member or just a kid in today's world who is stressed out.

Taking care of yourself through things like yoga, singing, dancing, meditation, screaming, writing, and art are all examples of expression. Express how you feel, what is right and what is wrong. Work through it. So many things cannot be changed but what you can prevent is turning to bad things like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs to make the pain go away. No one needs these bad things. Choose massage, or a facial or something else that makes you happy to help with stress whatever you find helps you that is positive. You may not be able to change something as serious as cancer but you will feel better helping to fight it and making good choices.

Have a great week-Ava