Paws for Thought

A benefit of being home all the time is wearing down your parents. They finally gave in and I am getting a dog, and lets face it if you want a dog every dog is cute. Well, it is for the family and will also be a good companion for my brother. If he gets along with the dog, then we will consider getting one as a therapy dog for him.

Owning a pet is not an easy choice. They require a lot of attention in the beginning so that they trust you and you get to know how they communicate with you. Still, owning a pet that provides love and support can be a good start for building relationships. We have never owned a pet before so this is new to all of us.

Pets can be good for families, special needs kids, trauma experiences and therapies services in the community. A lot of times pets also need you as much as you need them. I think this is why it is good that so many people during this Covid-19 virus decided to foster or adopt a pet. We need each other.

Animals and humans need each other. Dogs can help to ease fears, they give us something to focus on that is different from the news or schoolwork. They hopefully can read you while you figure them out too. A companion is a good idea and will help you if you feel lonely. I understand that not everyone can have a pet right now, and that real-life worries are an issue. I also look forward to the time when libraries have services like “read to a dog, or community house have the opportunity to meet potential pets and adopt from shelters.

If you are considering adopting a pet why not now? You are home, you are hopefully reading this blog because you are out of other options after cleaning, work, staring out the window, a pet will give you another outlet to distract you for a while.


Have a great weekend!