Not throwing away my shot

My parents surprised me with a ticket to Hamilton, the musical. It felt like winning the golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have a ticket. What does that mean. Well the song says “I’m not throwing away my shot, “ so of course I went with my dad. It was awesome.

What can we do to “Not throw away our shot?” The meaning is so big. On the small level it means to make a difference that can have a long-term effect. I try to remember this. Being a kid is not easy. So many things to remember, so much drama with other kids, if you let yourself be in the middle of it. How do you avoid it? It is everywhere. This is when I remember that being a kid is important but sometimes the stuff that seems big, around being a kid, is less important later on but it just feels so big. My parents keep me grounded, and I mean not grounded in a bad way, but they remind me that so much more is important in the world, even if it does not feel that way.

An example is that the bags arrived for Together We Rise. This means that making a difference, a contribution toward others is really here. The bags need decorating, the bags need items placed inside, and other people want to help. That is really important. This is something that can have a long time impact on people, to support people. I cannot throw away my shot because it appears that Ava’s Arch is making a difference and making an important contribution toward other kids. All kids need help. We are supposed to work hard, change the world, leave a mark. I have just started and so many people have started to believe in my cause, so no I will not throw away my shot. If our founding fathers can try, fail, and try again to come up with common ground to shape America, then I can learn that the foot print is just that, the beginning of a foundation to change things, help people, and take a stand……it will just take some time.


Have a great week!-Ava