No one is invisible

We walked through New York City yesterday. The lights were beautiful. My brother wrote another note to Santa, just to be sure he did not forget anything on his list and dropped it to the top floor at Macy’s at 34th street. We had lunch, caught a Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and tried to avoid bumping into the millions of people also enjoying the City and all its fun. The crowds were too much for my brother, he was very anxious and upset about the crowds and noise. It can be very overwhelming if you have sensory regulation troubles. Still, we had a good time and got to see family, and we worked through the stress by taking short breaks and moving to less busy streets.

The other side of City excitement is the reality that not everyone can choose or make good choices due to other issues. We met a man who was selling hats, well sort of. The end result is that we helped to fund a day of meals for the homeless in the lower east village, through a legitimate charity.

Hunger is all around us. Homeless is all around us. I saw one man with a sign that said, I may as well be invisible”, this is upsetting. How can we be so full of money as a Country and not help people who are without homes and starving. New York is a place where this problem is obvious. You can walk down any street and see people living in sleeping bags staying warm over the hot air vents or begging on street corners for money. These people are not invisible, but the issue is that there are so many to help and how to help them.

When we go home and eat good food, we are lucky. We all do not have the same home experiences but at the very bottom of it, we are lucky. We can want for more things and that is a luxury to have. Those who are not as lucky, and on the street or in shelters or whatever they are going through could have mental health issues or be war veterans or just had bad luck. It is good to help where we can, but safely. This means through volunteering with a group like ours where you are first safe, and the choices we make to help others are safe. Kids are not able to handle adult drug problems or bad mental health issues, which can be some reasons why people end up with people on the street, but we can donate time, money, or a meal through groups who are trained to help.

My brother or your sibling may not be able to handle situations that are overwhelming but they do not have to be sleeping on the street to go hungry. They have places to calm down and be safe. What if every person on the street started with a bad choice that could have been fixed with understanding or caring or even love? Wouldn’t that be such an easy answer. This holiday season if we can all think of ways to remember how lucky we are to have what we have, then writing promises for ourselves going into the new year 2020, will not be hard. It will be a blessing.


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate today.