New Year

The holidays are over, and school started again. It went by way too fast. It was a really good break. When the New Year changed across the World and then at Times Square commentators talked about New Year Resolutions. Being 9 it is hard to have resolutions like adults. We have a magnet that says the only three phrases you need to know are “May I?, Thank you, and I’m Sorry.” So I guess this year I will continue to be kind because I do not know how else to be. I want to make a difference and help others because it is the right thing to do; and I want to learn new things that help me to grow as a person.

So in a New Year I hope you are all making a list of things that are good for you, good for how you feel, and who you want to be. I hope it helps.

Anyone out there who would like to help out in our community, to give back to those who need help, or just want to connect please tell me. In a New Year so many powerful and new and exciting things can happen with a smile, goals that are important to you, and a fresh slate!


Happy New Year---Ava