My first blog post

Christmas has come and gone already. In our house there is a lot of worry. My brother's anxiety over where and when the Elves will appear and what they will get up to can take over his thinking. The Elves are always up to mischief, this never changes. And we are actually never really on the naughty list, but nevertheless his emotional roller coaster can take its toll. Think of the movie Elf. Christmas preparation can take a year. If he had his way he would ask every minute, day and month about the anticipation of Christmas. Thankfully now there is Alexa, the Amazon assistant, that can answer as many questions over and over again without any emotion attached. This keeps my parents sane. Then there is the worry about Santa arriving, he always does. Finally Christmas Day is here and his anxiety eases until the next thing gets stuck in his worried mind. We did get our presents, spent time with family, and had full belly's. For these things I am always grateful. So many this time of year are not as fortunate. So even if I sometimes worry that we will not survive Christmas, we always do. We remember those less fortunate, we volunteer and play Santa's helpers whenever we can, and it reminds us just how lucky we are. Yes we survived Christmas and all the anxiety it can cause, but when we have so much that money cannot buy and you think about it, it is not so hard.