Mother's Day Weekend

Well this is a strange weekend. We have to stay home for another month. We cannot go to restaurants this weekend for a meal. So what can we do to celebrate?
There are many things, some of them we have been doing anyway like gardening or baking. So how about picking some flowers from your garden or along the way on your walk if it is appropriate. Times are different and things that you buy do not matter as much because it is the time with people you love.....even if you have been spending so much time together. It is the little things that matter. 
We may not be able to celebrate big, or spend time with a loved one who is not staying with you during this time, but thoughts matter. If you can make a card, email a message or draw a picture and send it to someone that is important to you this weekend. That would be great. More than ever appreciation and gratitude count for everything.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day - Ava