Moms and Dads and Caregivers

Kids have different families. It does not matter if you have a mom and dad or two of each or one or a guardian. What is important is that you feel safe. It can be hard on kids when their family support network changes. If a mom or dad remarry or something changes in who cares for you, a kid can really be confused. Think about how you feel. Now how do you think a kid with delays or challenges feels? They can’t make sense of it all. Not that they should. But their brains can really give them a hard time and everything jumbled gets worse. Hopefully families in this situation have good support outside the home, and hopefully the adults involved act with the best interest of the kids first. This is not always the case and kids can really be stuck in a situation of having to choose a parent. What if siblings pick different parents? That must be really confusing. I have not had this experience, other than my brother gets a lot of things jumbled in his head and it affects him more deeply until he muddles through it.

 I have two parents who are together and even in the tough times we all love each other and try to work through anything as a family. I see other families in situations like divorce or parents with other partners. Life is complicated and it is really tough sometimes to understand it all. It is ok to ask questions. It is ok to feel lonely and rely on friends if parents, or new partners to parents, are trying to make everything work like nothing is different.  Kids are all different, special needs kids may not want to deal with a new partner for a completely different reason than you.  If could be visual, or sense related or who knows. They are allowed their opinion. What if someone just moved into your house one day, it would be a big adjustment right? Feeling anything you feel and explaining it is good. It is good to talk. It is good to try to understand circumstances. You do not have to like it but hopefully whatever your family support network is like, you know that you matter. I know that I do and for this I am very lucky.


Happy Weekend----Ava