Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day

Monday was a National holiday and it has taken me a few days to write something that makes sense. It is a time to remember and celebrate those who we have lost in war, but we are now at war with a virus. So it is even more important to remember those right now in hospitals and at home doing their part to fight this disease.

 People usually get together but now social distancing we have to do so with masks or just our immediate family. I have spent enough time with my family and was in need of a change from the midnight wake ups by my brother, who seems to have flipped his day and night routine in the midst of this stay at home order. No one sleeps well spending so much time at home. While the days are flying, it is hard to remember which day it is.

Then I got a call. I was invited to have a social distance bike ride with a friend, neither one of us has been in contact with other people since lock down. It should have been a good start to trying to get back into some sort of routine. We had masks, our own snacks, bike helmets and the feeling a happiness of being able to see someone from 6 feet away, it lasted 10 minutes, then it went all wrong. My friend fell off her bike. It was bad, she had to go to the hospital and get lots of stitches. A freak accident destroyed our social distancing bike ride in a split second. This is what I call unfair. Thankfully, she had her helmet on and her head is fine, although her face took a severe bashing. Here is the mom plug to ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET. I cannot imagine what would have happened to her head without one.

 It is really not my story to tell but in the moment it was a blur with lots of blood, a mangled bike and split second decisions to make. Is it the same as those who died in war, no, but it is a reminder that anyone at any time can have a life changing moment that defines that space in time.   Memorial Day for me is a day to remember how grateful we are to be alive and safe. We may be terribly bruised from an accident, the image of the accident, or from this stay at home order at this time but we will prevail.  So we honor those who have died before us and try to make happy memories of a better time ahead. We will heal from our bruises, get back to a new norm, whatever this means, and wait to see how we can change the pace of how we got from physical wars to a pandemic war. Memorial Day 2020 has been like no other.


Have a happy week----Ava