Martin Luther King Jr. Day - How we can view the world

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Due to an injury I am not allowed on my computer a lot for a little while. So to make this short and sweet, here is part of a letter from my Grandpa on his experience the day after Martin Luther King died. My grandpa was a Baptist and came from the south. He wrote a letter to his parents in Texas, while he was enrolled at Yale. He had attended a Baptist service in New York City the day after Martin Luther King Jr’s death. He wrote that the Minister preached, “that in times of distress and where evil seems to be, find the light and good. To go toward the good and to do good. That in order to overcome the challenges and the divide that we should remember who our creator is and that someday we will be seen as equals on this earth. To start this dialogue, we need to treat each other as equals.” I hope you find a service project today that makes you feel good while doing good. 

Have a great week. Ava