Making everyday a wonderful time of year

The Holidays are here! I love this time of year when downtown trees look dressed for a party. The lights are lit in towns and things look cheerful. There is not cheer everywhere though. Some people are worried about how to afford their holiday. Some families are not feeling very cheerful and are sad because the shopping list of wonderful things cannot be filled. I am not saying that people want everything and that they need to choose. No one should have to choose between paying a bill or buying food for their family, and then there are presents to think about. It hurts to see kids not having jackets or asking Santa for a toy or even for a friend because they don’t have one. That is not the cheerful time of year that one would hope for. So, here is what we can do. We can help. Look around and notice what is not right with what you see. Has a kid “forgotten lunch again” or is there a family where a parent lost a job recently? If you do not notice this around you, then call the local food bank, look in local social media posts or community bulletin boards. Someone somewhere could use a coat, a pair of shoes, a meal or even just a hug. Let people know you are a helper, and if being noticed is something you do not like because you are shy, then help behind the scene by donating time or playing Secret Santa and donate without people knowing. You will really make someone feel better, and not just at the Holidays but all year through. Helping others is a year round need, but now is as good of a time to start as any. Give what you can when you can and how you feel most comfortable doing so.


Have a Happy Week!