Listen to your gut

We hear the expression “listen to your gut” or “gut instinct” and I got a first hand experience of how this can really happen. I am talked before about knowing that certain people are really bad for you and how that can make you feel because you sort of feel it in your stomach, but this is a different kind of gut experience.

In the middle of flu season my brother has been sick. Not really sick, not fever sick but not well enough to go to school either. He had what he called a stomach ache. He had this condition about three years ago and the stomach doctor was no help figuring it out. It sort of went away and only sometimes did his stomach hurt without any other symptoms until last week.

We ended up in the ER and to fast forward through a long day for my parents, he had his appendix removed in the evening. He was then home that same night. That is amazing.

He is feeling better and it would have been very bad and more serious if they tried to just treat the condition before operating with only medications. It is sometimes done this way and it does not need surgery. In my brother’s case surgery did turn out to be the best option but they did not know that 100% until they were removing the problem. He is on the mend surprisingly fast.

So what does this mean? Well listen to your body. If something does not seem right speak up. Make sure you are heard. Whether it is a bad experience or a health issue. Both are just as important to your overall health. Do not stay silent and listen for cues to what will make you feel better. A weird feeling can be something that passes but if it continues tell someone. Get the added help needed to improve the situation. Your physical and mental health is important.