Lessons we learn and acts of kindness

In the days now that follow the 20 year memorial of 9/11, I am reminded that now more than ever we can contribute to small acts of kindness to build a better future. The sad events are now part of our history, but it is something that many still re-live every day. I can only watch on TV, learn in school, and hear stories of a time before I was born but it is something that we must never forget.

The trauma that comes from a terrible event can become part of who you are. The silence you feel can make you invisible to the world. “You may ask yourself why did this happen to me?” I have learned in my life so far that experiences shape perspective and that perspective gives the choice to act in a way that either is a positive or negative reaction of other events. What we can control is our own response to things. We cannot change evil or bad people.

Kids are especially affected by bad events because the emotional toolbox to handle big events in not developed. It should be up to responsible adults to carefully explain what is happening and to word it in ways to make the kid feel that they are not at fault. The damage to a kid who is left out of the communication and is not properly supported can be long lasting and cause greater harm if they do not understand and believe that what happened is in someway their own fault. This is true when discussing something as big as an event like 9/11 or something that is affecting the kid in their own daily life. Whatever the circumstance is if it can be addressed with thoughtfulness the result is more likely to bring about a positive outcome. From positive outcomes, come positive thinking and this then leads to the strength to contribute and give back. It is a priceless act of kindness.

 Have a great week- Ava