Kids who can change the world......

We get so much of our information from social media posts these days, we form opinions based upon what is going on around us. Everyone’s opinion is formed by the influences around them. What happened yesterday was a surprise for some and justice for others. As kids we have a right to ask questions and get the facts. It was a 10 year old on the witness stand that told what she saw on the day that George Floyd died as she was going to the store with her mother. It took a kid telling adults and reminding them of how their actions affect her. A 17 year old filmed that incident between the police and George Floyd, it was his evidence that brought the entire story into our homes for us to see and make decisions about how we feel about this incident. When the adults could not make fast and safe decisions, the kids found a voice and did the right thing.

Often in society people of authority hide behind their jobs and administration. Instead of seeking the truth, they judge or make snap decisions that cause more harm than good. How can kids trust that adults will have their best interest in mind when the big things do come about and need mindful decision making? What we witnessed over the course of this year leading to the verdict should hit home for everyone. The relationship between those of authority and those of citizen needs to be repaired. George Floyd was African American, and while this is happening far too often in communities around our country, he could also represent your sibling or a family member who was having a tough time, acting out, or maybe just in the wrong place at the wrong time. His skin color was certainly a factor in this terrible outcome. But to dig deeper, it is unease in uncomfortable situations seems to lead to bad decisions by those who could do better or do more, eventually the truth comes out. Humanity matters, people matter, and lives matter. 

What I hope we can take away from this verdict is that while the road to understanding and common ground is still long and full of road bumps, we have at least started to pave a path in the right direction. Justice is needed to heal our nation. We will all be tested at some point in our lives, and that eats at our fundamental understanding and belief system. We need to have the strength to stand up to those who are wrong in action especially when the reaction and action are not fair. We need to show adults that their way of doing things can be harmful or may not be the best use of energy to achieve the outcome that best suits a situation. A higher education degree, a uniform, An administrator, training, or fundamental courses in a subject do not make a human humane. Learning is something that take understanding and common sense. In order to make good choices and to do the right thing in the face of adversity, or in not so typical situations, we need to remind those who have the power to do what is right, that our eyes are watching. We will make the difference slowly, honestly, and with full hearts that we can find justice, and be better at handling situations moving forward. We will use our collective voice to change for the better so that no kid is left alone on that witness stand. To these kids, thank you for your courage. Be can all do better moving forward when we stand up for what is right. 


Have a great week!- Ava