International Women's Day- and a Day to look ahead of what is to come.....

Today we celebrate all women and girls. This may not have been possible without those who fought before us to have a voice and stand up to the oppression of cultural and institutional design. Things change, even if it is slow progress. From small steps come great strides and from where we were to where we can be is still a long way off. With our voices collectively a lot can change or progress, with still more to come.

As siblings with special needs family members, it is important to use our strength, our voices to stand up for those who are still in judgment, those who do not understand the world around them, and even with family when they need to be guided on how to navigate the social cues that are still murky to the rest of us. We all have our own strengths and opinions using them for the positive instead of finding the negative. This is one way to progress in society. Many are still not able to celebrate victories, however small, especially after a year of Covid-19. The slide is going backward while to swim against the tide. To unite and find common ground, to be heard, to be understood we all need to press on to celebrate our victories and challenge the areas that are not evolving. Not all goals happen overnight so cherish the path that takes us down a winding road of uncertainty. From uncertainty comes trial and error until the pieces fit into place.  When our voices are heard for all those who need to be lifted up we will have achieved another step forward.


Have a great week! -Ava