iheart principles and resilience for kids

iHeart (innate health education and resilience training)

Young people like us need this support. We need more well-being and resilience. Anxiety, stress and self-loathing are all real issue facing kids. Many organizations try “solve” but they do not educate and enable kids to know that we can make the best of ourselves with the skills we have in our toolbox. It can be limited by age but still we have a toolbox of coping skills and when we enter our teen years things can get muddled. We have hormones coming, adults don’t always listen and then self-doubt creeps in. “How can I be wrong, when I have always been right?” or “Why do adults make the decisions and get to pass judgment so fast?” What if adults are wrong sometimes and missing parts of the equation? Is what they say true? Do I believe everything I am told either from social media or gossip? How does that make you feel?

 iheart educates kids about understanding that they have the resilience inside them. That they do not have to make bad choices in order to escape feelings. It is a mind enhancer for kids (and adults) to look at their situation differently and not feel or to be treated as a victim. iheart empowers.

My friend, Amanda O’shea, is a life coach, iheart facilitator and currently an addiction counselor. She and I discussed the impact that helping kids before they make negative choices, or start to settle into self doubt, can make on changing their life. I will have a link to the podcast soon, and it is a good introduction into how things you do every day, that make you happy, can be part of what helps you get through the bad times. It is also about recognizing that making yourself happy is powerful, and that sadness can be temporary. It is about finding your “natural high or butterfly feeling” that sparks your happiness to manage your own mental health and to recognize when others may need help too. Check out iheart, https://iheartprinciples.com and Amanda O’Shea, https://theserendipityexperience.com/ .