How Rich Are You?

How rich are you?

Holidays for many mean family, friends, food and gifts; mostly it seems to be about the gifts. Everywhere people make lists and talk about spending. This is something that is very recognizable in the form of  “Do you have the latest iphone? What cars do your parent/guardian drive? What's is the budget for this holiday or that children, etc." No one is immune from this but so many are caught in a place where they do not have  "gifts" to give or to receive.

Rich, a term that means having wealth or a large amount of money; it also means having an abundance or plentiful. So I ask you this holiday season, what is important to you? Is being rich about how much money your family has and what presents you will get? Or is it about what you already have and what you want your life to be? It is ok to think about both. There is no right or wrong answer, just time to think about it. When we are aware we can recognize what is important to us and what values are especially during Holidays.

When we lived in Spain, we celebrated Christmas with a tree and presents but the influence of the season is around religion, Church, the decorations and fiestas in town. January 6 is the more important day for gift giving. The decoration and celebrations for all fiestas are for everyone. The towns all come to life with bright colors, celebrations, and unity. What I realized from this time was that money did not make people rich, it was the celebration and happiness. It still is about giving and helping. It centers around religion, something that many there all share.  So I believe that faith, unity, happiness are all words that can replace the word rich. It is a richness of culture not of money.

We often get caught up with what we do not have. In 2020 many people do not have jobs, do not have healthcare, do not have food or a home. Some do not have a chair to fill at the table this holiday season. There is a lot of what we do not have this year, and it is far more noticeable then just a few missing presents under a tree or exchanged over Hanukkah or upcoming Kwanza. Yes, this year we do not have……

Ava ‘s Arch continues to work to help those with food insecurities, fulfill a holiday wish, contribute to places that help sick kids, and bake until every cookie has gone to someone who is without. There is so much we can do to give and so much that we can be thankful for when we can help. Helping is a gift, however big or small to help restore faith, unity and happiness in a world that is suffering.  If you can help on any level then you are rich. You have the capacity to give, you have the ability to share, and you have the security to assist. So how do you define rich? I think it is how you can contribute to society and less about what you have to prove to society.


Happy Holidays- Ava