How Many Sides to a Story?

We can ask this question about masks, schools opening or human rights. Are there only two sides to a story? Who is right and who is wrong…or is there more to the story? The complex problem with any argument is that the option of the person is their opinion. Not everyone agrees with each other so how do you decide what is fair? I guess fair is the term that would give the story another side. If we refer to Hamilton the Musical, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton never saw eye to eye on anything, but it is what they did with their beliefs that defined their legacy. In the end it was ego not who was right and who was wrong that lead to both of their downfalls. So, what does this mean for today? Well, safety first and then practicality would make sense, right? Well maybe not. We all have different feelings about this stuff and I do too. What I can say is that we can all find common ground and still disagree about things. Wearing a mask is a good idea for safety but you can decide not to be out and about. Kids and parents need to figure out what is best for their family when schools re-open in your area, and human rights need to be considered over time and history. This is a big topic, one as a kid, I do not fully understand. I just choose to be nice and think of the other person’s feelings. I cannot erase our past or the decision made when we were forming our Country, but I can learn about it and try to understand where we were at a different time and where we are going. Lastly, this holds true from those with special needs. It used to be that their choices were limited and there were hard and steady decisions. Today this is different as well; and parents and families are fighting long and hard fights to keep them safe, sane and respected. At the end of the day it is about respect. Respect each other and then the differences have a place to make a story that can be worked through. No one is always right or wrong, but someone should always have respect then the story has a side that both parties can agree on.


Have a good week---Ava