How is Delta going to affect this school year?

Hi. Let’s face it we are going into the abyss of Covid again. School is starting, vaccines are still a debate and how to keep everyone safe for the year is an ever-changing conversation. When is this going to end? Governors are debating if masks are required in schools, parents are fighting in school board meetings, and yet again we the kids are waiting to see how this will all go. It is not any fun.

The inability to have a consistent plan is hard enough on most students, but for those in learning different populations this is very stressful. Kids who depend on a structured environment with more liberties than other programs are finding that school hours, social distancing and how to navigate the school environment is even more frustrating and unpredictable. The worry and stress is something that effects everyone in the family. Parents need to work; kids need the social and academic stability and an invisible microbe is causing the upheaval of yet another year in our life.

This is not a complaint, nor is it anything that we do not already know but it is a written acknowledgement that life is throwing a lot of curve balls at us. We are not in the same situation as we were over a year ago, nor are all states or people on the same page as to how to move forward. So there are no concrete answers. We are going to have to do what we can to protect ourselves and each other and do it with a conscience. Not everyone is going to agree but if we stop and think about each other for even a moment, remember that this year is a struggle for all of us as school begins, then perhaps just giving each other a break, or wearing a mask, or just giving each other some space will go along way to making everyone feel a little less stressed.