Home schooling, what do you think about it? Social distancing


We are in a strange situation. Unlike last weeks post where I talked about inclusion and you think of spending time together. We are now told to stay apart. This can be confusing. Now we are at home, schools are closed and most things are shut down temporarily. I do not mind this it is nice a break and an interesting world wide attempt to keep more people from getting sick.

Now personally, I love homeschooling. It is less stressful for me. I like to sleep a bit more, wake up refreshed and then start the day. I am not a morning person by nature so I can get behind the idea of some flexibility as long as everything is turned in on time. This gives me more time for Ava’s Arch and a few other projects. While a lot my extracurricular activities are temporarily cancelled alternative ways of exercising and continuing to progress are available in tutor style or online now. It is more individualized and fun. Our family is used to online learning, we have set it up before when we traveled so it is not stressful for us to do. I know that it can be for some families and that is ok to feel stressed while you figure it out. Think of it as an adventure. It may not always be comfortable, but it certainly will become a memory to talk about in the future.

Here are some ways to destress if this “social distancing” is annoying you.

Online yoga

Online dance classes

Running around the playground or your backyard

Kicking a football

Playing basketball

Anything Richard Simmons is hysterical to exercise to and a lot of fun

And above all, turn off the news. Let your parents or guardians, watch the important stuff and then tell you what is going on. The news is on overload and things are changing constantly. The most important things to remember during our social distancing are to wash your hands for 20 seconds and dry them, be mindful of your space, cover your face when you cough, and think about your surroundings. Germs live everywhere so just use common sense and keep yourself away from crowded spaces or where lots of germs could still be lingering in public spaces.

So what are your thoughts on home schooling? And how is it affecting you? I want to hear from you so drop me a line.- Ava