Holiday preparation- how ever you do so is just right

The Holidays can be sad for some people. How do you feel about the Holidays in December? Not all people feel good when others are happy, but that can be for many reasons. Maybe somebody lost a pet or a family member or their family cannot make it home this time of year because of a job far away. This is ok if some people feel sad. You might not be able to do anything to help so let them feel their feelings.

If you cannot understand them this is o.k. too. I hope you have never lost a pet or a special person. I hope that your parents have good, safe jobs and that you are loved.

You deserve to be happy. If you want to you can help others by cooking a meal and dropping it off go ahead, just know that they may not want you to stay and visit with them. If you like to bake do that and share it with friends later on. Whatever you do is not right or wrong, it is coming from kindness.

However you decide to spend the Holidays is ok. No one's beliefs are better or worse than anyone else, no one is better or worse than anybody. Just be you and do whatever it is that will make the Holidays comfortable for you.

Next year is just about to start. If this year was not a kind year, then maybe next year will be better or safer, or calmer or just right for you. The good thing about days is that tomorrow is new. You can get up and try again, hopefully you feel better than yesterday.

Happy Holidays