Heat is powerful

Keep your head cool during this really hot weather. For example, people get really mad and drive badly. Someone could get hurt. If the driver is too hot they may not even see the people who might be crossing the road. So drinking lots of water and staying in cool spaces is a good idea.

It is hard to do this when so many storms have knocked out power to many places. Kids can’t stay inside all the time, and if there is no air conditioning then it is really bad inside and out. Pools have even closed because of the power and electricity problems. So keeping a cool head can be even more difficult.

Kids get hot faster than adults because we do not have as many sweat glands yet. It sounds gross but sweat actually helps your body to cool down. It can be really frustrating in this heat to not run around and also not be comfortable inside.

Try to find any cool spot, even if it is a grocery store in another town, and go there for a while if you can. Once you cool down, you will feel better and be able to keep your head cool. I mean, to remember to be nice, to think of others, and to try to process the whole interaction before getting angry. Everybody gets angry sometimes but you will think more clearly once you are not too hot. This is good for your mental health, and it can be for others as well.

There is a lot going on around the World weather wise, it is testing everyone. So try to be part of the solution. Think of how to cool down, then watch out for others, then help others. It will help to keep everyone safe.