Going for Gold

Well what a weekend! It was our first time at the Special Olympics. What a wonderful organization and so many great supporters. I met such nice families and got to speak with them about their kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews , etc. It was a great experience.

My dad was out of town for the events and it made my brother extra nervous. My dad was really upset to not be able to be there for him. He kept calling my mom from the airport.

I sat down in the crowd of the observation deck at the swim competition and started talking with other families. I told them my brother was new to this and that he was nervous. I told them all about him. By the time he raced I had a whole new group of friends cheering for Luca when he swam.

My dad was on whatsapp with my mom trying to get updates while waiting for his plane to take off…. and he had to put his phone away because the race did not post times when he took off. It drove him crazy. He had to wait 8 hours for the results.

Boy, he glided through the water to a whole cheering section screaming for him to win…….AND HE DID IT! He went for the Gold! Now this was very exciting because he is not a good looser at all. It is something he is working on, but he is not there yet. But he won, and won by a huge decrease from his qualifying time. He did thank everyone and congratulated his other team-mates. This is another huge victory for his social skills! YAY!!!

Now that he’s motivated. He can see how the events work and how sportsmanship works. Winning is great, but it is not the most important thing. It was nice to see him on the first place podium. He really wanted to win and he really trained hard to do so. He trained everyday for this race.

So next year, here we come. Better, faster, stronger. I cannot wait to see some of the same people I met this year and meet a whole other crew of new friends. TCNJ really rolled out the carpet for this community. Everyone is a winner for being able to help, participate and support the Special Olympics.


Have a great rest of your week