Giving up? Rise above it.

If the noise in your house, your room or your class is getting to you, you are not alone. Many kids are extremely stressed out this time of year with tests and homework coming from all directions. How about those who do not have permanent housing? Or those who are learning in a chaotic house where every space is used by a family member also trying to do work? It is enough to give up. So what do we do? Take a deep breath and find resolve! No one can steel your spirit or pride in how hard you are working. Adults often forget how hard we work, how much we are missing, and how much time we are spending online or with our families.

I know in our house that it is stressful. My parents are super supportive, and my mom is basically my brother’s one to one because he has online school. It is a lot on a daily schedule. We spend a lot of time at the same table working through the day. It can be loud, and the homework is extensive. There are not breaks from the end of school until homework is done. Many sports are cancelled, indoor activities in groups is questionable, and well there are not a lot of outlets to escape the mundane days of education piled with more learning after school hours.

I cannot debate whether going to school is better than online, that is a personal decision. I will always argue that everyone is doing their best. Give yourself a break, your mental health is far more important than anything else. You will not be able to be your best self if you get angry or overwhelmed with things you cannot control. Those who try to bring you down are not worth your investment of time. So, breathe, be you, and move on. The noise will still be there, those who doubt you will still try to shake your core, and homework will still be far heavier than you would like. So do your best and forget the rest.

Have a great holiday week and a Happy New Year!