Giving Thanks

So maybe The Colonists could have been nicer to the Indians and those who made it to America first and to those who helped them in the beginning, but we cannot rewrite history. What we can do is to be nice to each other and to be nice to ourselves. The purpose of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for what we have and to help others. I started Ava’s Arch when there was not a place for kids to turn to read about or to ask questions about things that happen in their lives. We are from different backgrounds and locations, but the common thread is we have families with learning different siblings. While this is not always a smooth part of family life, we are thankful for everyone being who they are and their individuality. I am thankful to those who speak up and find ways to help.

This Holiday Season remember to give back. The food banks always need more food to feed hungry people or if you want to use part of your allowance you can donate a dollar to your parents grocery bill at a grocery store and they will donate that dollar to a food bank. Kids and families less fortunate need gifts for the Holiday’s, they need toiletries and supplies. This is not just at Thanksgiving that we remember but just like a New Year’s resolution, this is as good a time to start as there possibly could be.

Give thanks to your neighbors or family or animals. People help people. Helping people is about giving selflessly. There is no need feel good or bad about it, it is just the kindness of the gesture. I bet it makes you feel good just the same.

If you do not know where to start ask a teacher or parent, go to the local Library, your townhall or where you worship. All of these places usually work with organizations that need help. This year Ava’s Arch has donated to the Red Cross, Ronald Mc Donald House, Foster Care organizations, a Sports Unity Program, and continues to look for ways to give back wherever we can be helpful. My cookie orders help to fund these activities. We can do it together as the siblings of special needs kids and we can do it together to promote awareness of differences, unity for each other and most importantly the gift of kindness toward others.

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.