Giving Back

Hi. Summer is here and the weather is doing crazy things. We have hurricanes, tornados, and lots of heat all around the Country. Summer is also a time when schools are closed. When schools are closed a lot of kids do not have routines. It can be nice but it can be scary for some.

Not all kids get to eat meals with their family. When schools are closed they can get hungry because schools have programs to help kids that might not eat at home. This makes me sad. Being a growing kid and being hungry is not good.

What can you do as a kid to help? Well you can get involved in a service project in your community. It can be any cause that you feel is important, like you can make food at a Church or help at a Food Bank. You can find out where your community supports those who need food. Everyone needs help sometimes. Helping people makes you feel good inside and it more importantly makes others feel good.

Maybe you can donate your birthday to a cause. If you like to celebrate your birthday, like I do, use your birthday month or a season or a date to raise money for a cause that is important to you. Kids may not be able to solve the big problems in the World but with little projects we can help start the change to make a difference.

Happy July---Ava