I’ve learned a lot about frustration so far this year. The frustration of needing days to type a blog because I cannot be on a computer for long, or to time it takes to get through reading and answering questions from text; and the frustration of not being able to do all that I am used to and sitting on the sidelines. It is not fun. I imagine this is how many people feel that are not completely able-bodied or have learning challenges. They have to adapt to a different way to do things and it is not easy.  We all know what special needs means, we all have our opinions on it, and it can be frustrating for kids who have siblings with conditions because it can take a long time and it can affect others pace and abilities to get things done. Right now this describes me. It is temporary, but it is still frustrating. Physical activities are an example of something kids take for granted, normally I do too but currently I am not doing much. I have to wait for a Doctor to clear me and to tell me when I can start doing things I love again. I see the differences in my own learning and what is taking so much longer to do.  So next time you see someone who cannot do an activity think twice before you judge them. It could be hard for them or they just might have to sit on the sideline and watch for medical reasons.