Many new social hiccups have occurred during this Pandemic. We all have had to understand and read through meaning via text or email. It can be complicated and add to this that not everyone is allowed to see each other in person yet. The outcome can be that someone is left out, someone has their feelings hurt or worse the end of a friendship. I have talked about this before but sometimes things just cannot be resolved, and it can get messy.

The cautious part of social anything is making sure that if a disagreement arises that your family is not also included negatively in a way to make you feel bad. As a kid with a special needs sibling sometimes people do judge you and your family and how they do and do not do things. It may not be intentional but it could and it does happen. You need to be mindful of is and make sure that others are not using social media, email, text or any technology platform to cause you or your family members any harm by trying to be funny or to retaliate on text to make a point. This can come about because someone is just immature about handling things. People can be angry in the moment and then feel different later; however,  if something like a picture or message that is meant to harm is out there causing someone vulnerable to be exposed to the worldwide web, it is not ok and can even be illegal.  It is important to be careful how you communicate in order to convey your message clearly, and also be aware that others are not as knowledgeable about this topic. It can get muddled and jumbled and then it is hard to undo. A disagreement can get out of hand if not communicated properly and no one wants to be on the receiving end of unkind words that may not be able to be remedied with just “I am sorry.”

Sometimes though, a person can be so hurtful intentionally. Even if you can see through the drama, you need to decide if it is worth having this person around you. You need to remember your importance, that your family is yours, and as part of a family you must be respectful of them, their feelings and how they too are represented. The end of a friendship may not be the outcome that you want, but in the long run true friends are able to come together and talk through the issues. Be true to you and know that even if you are no following what everyone else is doing, you are following a path that will help you to grow and to understand which people in your life are your true friends.


Have a great week-Ava