Friends in Disguise........

Did you ever have a good friend someone you always thought you could count on? Or have you met a new friend who seems to want to hang out and get to know your interests? And then in either case, they really just want you to “be their friend or hang with them” to boost themselves or worse the parents want you to be their kids comparison.

Trust me I know. It starts off innocently. They are with you because you go to school together, then they are with you because you have the same group of friends, then it is the same group outside of school. You believe them to be friends, why wouldn't you. Yet, it is the remarks that make it unbalanced when you think about it. Have you heard things like “are you really a good student,Huh?” “Did you really have any right to be on that court playing that sport? It does not seem like it is your level.” It can start over years or happen overnight. It can be the parents of the kid or the kid. Either way it is not right.

You are not someone’s comparison. whether you are of interest to them because they are curious about your sibling, or looking to do you a favor by being your friend, if they need you to make them feel better then they are not a real friend. Real friends do not make excuses when better plans come up, nor do they use you to make them feel better about their sports ability, the house they live, their grades or worse the family social status. They have the problem. Walk away. It may not seem fair or easy, but down the road when you meet nice people who want to hang with you for you and vice versa…these are the people that are true friends.


Happy Week! -Ava